Innovation, creativity and new ideas are at the very heart of our ethos.

We're always looking to improve our service by seeking new technologies and products that will advance the way we prevent and manage pests. As these treatment and monitoring developments evolve, the overarching goal is to decrease the impacts they have on the environment and on non-target creatures.

Eco pest solutions

Newest generation, green products we use have greater efficacy, better ingredients and fewer downsides. A shift away from the "go-to" blanket use of rodenticides to actively deterring pests, better methods of detection, and pesticide free catch traps not only offer a more humane approach, but reduces our impact on the planet. 


Communication & reporting

Our new, unique online dashboard due to be implemented soon will eliminate the need for paper reporting and other documents, offer our clients real-time reports, (even photographic and video reports!) that will include a much wider scope of analysis that mobile data capture has enabled us to do.