Extreme Cleaning


Our dedicated extreme cleaning teams are made of stern stuff; nothing puts them off. We have a reputation for leaving our clients amazed at the transformation!

We take care of the kind of cleaning that no one else can. We deal with everything from the aftermath of squatters & hoarders, to faeces, drugs and sewage spills.

Social Housing Environmental Cleaning

We work closely with several local authorities and their associated social services and mental health teams to return properties to clear, clean and hygienic states.

Deep cleaning is not for the faint hearted. Our deep cleaning teams are fully up to date with their inoculations, they are experienced with this type of work and the required standards, as well as the hazards they may come across in the Social Housing environment.

Joined up service

In many cases our pest control and deep cleaning teams work together in properties to solve issues. These could be heavy bed bug infestations where the property needs a level of clearing or cleaning before treatment commences, or rodent faeces and urine which needs sanitising as a result of an infestation.

Emergency response

Our deep cleaning teams are available for emergency clean ups following a sewage back-surge, cleaning up following fires or floods  and to attend site for an emergency needle sweep.