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Bed Bugs

Identifying Bed Bugs
  • Adults, Reddish brown in colour, 5mm long.
  • Well developed antenae, prominent simple eyes. Feet Clawed so can climb rough surfaces.
  • Bed bugs become more purple after feeding.
  • Flat, oval insects with very short functionless forewings.

Bed bugs feed mostly on man, though will also live on other warm blooded animals. 

Treatment often requires disposal of the bed that is infested, however, bed bugs can have their nest in an crack or crevice near the host. Treatment needs to cover all areas that the insects could nest. New systems to treat these insects successfully include the use of dry air systems. These systems require that infested property is enclosed in a specially designed hot air tent and the insects and their eggs are heated until they are desicated. This system has the benefit of removing all insects and their eggs without the use of pesitcide and removes the cost of replacing expensive beds and mattresses.
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