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Ants, Garden Ants and Pharoahs Ants

The Common Black Garden Ants (Lasius Niger)

The Black Ant is common in many countries around the world. The queen will lay eggs toward the end of spring and the larvae will hatch around a month later. 

Nests will usually be found in soil and under paving slabs and patios. The workers ants will be seen foraging for food, and can cause a real nuisance when they trail into the home or workplace looking for sweet or high protein foods. 

Later on in summer, swarms of flying ants will mate usually in July and late August. The male will then die and the female will start the process all over again. 

When dealing with ants in the home and workplace, the most effective deterrent is to remove all food sources and clean any spillages. To treat the problem at the source there are a number of methods from gels (that are taken back by workers ants to kill the queen) to powders and liquid insecticides. 

Pharaoh's Ant (Monomorium Pharaonis)

The Pharaohs Ant is very different from the Black Ant and can be a serious public health pest. Commonly found in large centrally heated buildings such as hospitals and blocks of flats, these pests can be very difficult to control, in fact when methods to control black ants are used on Pharaohs ants, it can actually make the infestation much worse. 

Workers ants are approximately 2mm long, light yellow in colour with a slightly darker abdomen. They will attack sweet and high protein foods. Unlike Black ants each colony will have many nests and queens, and each queen is capable of laying up to 350 eggs that will hatch in around 7 days. 

Specialist baits must be used to control Pharaohs Ants. When conventional insecticides are used, this can split the workers ants away and form a new colony making the infestation worse. 

If you suspect you have a problem with Pharaohs Ants, you can rely on Clearup to carry out the correct course of treatment.

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